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These are not official rankings. The K-1 World Grand Prix is based in events and there is a Champion every year. There is not a ranking system as for example in Boxing.
See:  Tournament System   and   K-1 Champions

These rankings are made by us the fans, we count the performance of the fighter, their latest fights, popularity, some about their careers.. It is always difficult to rank the fighters, you can agree or not, but anyway here is the K-1FANS Top 15 Ranking!


1   2   3
1.  Semmy Schilt
2.  Peter Aerts
3.  Jerome LeBanner
4.  Remy Bonjasky
5.  Ray Sefo
6.  Badr Hari
7.  Glaube feitosa
8.  Mighty Mo
9.  Melvin Manhoef
10.  Ruslan Karaev
11.  Stefan Leko
12.  Paul Slowinski
13.  Chalid Die Faust
14.  Hong-Man Choi
15.  Musashi
 Alexey Ignashov
 Kaoklai Kaennorsing
 Peter Graham
 Junichi Sakawaguchi
 Bjorn Bregy
 Cyril Abidi
 Nathan Corbett
 Magomed Magomedov
 Zabit Samedov
 François Botha
 Hiromi Amada
 Jusuke Fujimoto
 Nicholas Pettas
 Doug Viney


1   2   3
1.  Buakaw Por Pramuk
2.  Masato
3.  Andy Souwer
4.  Albert Kraus
5.  Arthur Kyshenko
6.  Mike Zambidis
7.  Gago Drago
8.  Yoshihiro Sato
9.  John Wayne Parr
10.  Virgil Kalakoda
11.  Remigijus Morkevicius
12.  Norifumi KID Yamamoto
13.  Jodsanklai Fairtex
14.  Takayuki Kohiruimaki
15.  Tatsuji
 Daniel Dawson
 Nieky Holzken
 Farid Villaume
 Kamal El Amrani
 Rayen Simson
 OLE Laursen
 Chi Bin Lim
 Kozo Takeda
 Jadamba Narantungalag
 Shinobu Amara
 Murat Direkci
 Sofiane Allouache
 Hiroya Future Star!

* Latest changes of the rankings: September 2007
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* You can visit  Central KickBoxing Organization  for objetive
HeavyWeights Worldwide KickBoxing ranks, recognising Victory.

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